Melnik” Restaurant

“Melnik” Restaurant will make you feel good in refined atmosphere

Large panoramic windows overlooking the Melnik pyramids, soft sunlight during the day and the charm of this small town at night make you feel good in the refined atmosphere of “Melnik” restaurant. Built on two levels, the restaurant is decorated in modern style with traditional elements of the Bulgarian culture, complemented by a unique collection of hunting trophies. The restaurant capacity is 120 seats and the terrace to it has 70 seats. Here, in addition to traditional dishes and specialties, you can enjoy a rich selection of local and imported wines.


The Winery is hollowed out into sandy pyramids.

The winery of Melnik Hotel is constructed like the authentic Melnik wine cellars. It is located in a unique basement, hollowed out into the pyramids. Immersed in the atmosphere of traditional Bulgarian life and culture, here one can taste a wide selection of local red and white wines. The winery offers the famous “Wide Melnik Vine” wine. This grape variety was imported from Syria in the 16th century and grows only in the region of Melnik. “Wide Melnik Vine” is a specific variety giving light and slightly tart red wine. It has been attracting tourists and lovers of wine from all around the world for centuries.


Lobby Bar and Reception

The cozy Lobby Bar and Reception

The lobby bar of Melnik Hotel will take you in a cozy atmosphere with comfortable soft furnishings, soft lights and reproductions of world famous paintings. Here you can relax and enjoy your favorite cocktails and a wide variety of alcoholic and soft drinks.